I am hoping we are done with snow days this year! It really does throw off our routine! Please keep encouraging your kids to try hard and pay close attention in class! We had alot of fun at our Valentine Party! That is always one of my favorites! Coming up we will have a free cookie decorating workshop on February 23rd after school.  Be watching for a note to come home with details! Also, we will celebrate February birthdays on February 26th! If you have a child with a February birthday and want to send something in let me know.  Also, I will be sending home a report with how to log in to see your child's Accelerated Reading progress.  Mrs. Tippery is wanting our class to pilot this service and let him know how we like it.  Please let me know your thoughts.  Thanks and have a good week!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! I can't believe 2nd Semester with your sweeties has started! It is hard to believe the year is half way over! The math homework I will be sending home is meant to challenge your kiddos and make them think outside the box a bit.  Encourage them to do the best they can and it may help if you are available to help them with a few they are struggling with.  We will go over these at school as well.  We will be taking the Star Reading test again to get Term 3 reading levels and goals.  Please encourage your kiddos to read at home and be ready to test at school!  Also keep working on those math facts! We will have a pizza party when everyone in the class has passed the addition facts! Not only do they need to know them but they have to be able to do 36 correct in 1 minute! We will be having the treat for the people that met their Term 2 goals on Friday.  Just a reminder our 2nd semester schedule is totally different than first semester.  Check it out!  I hope 2016 is your best year yet!!    


I can't believe it is already November!  This year is flying by.  We had a great week last week with our Chilli Supper and book fair.  Thanks to all that came out to support our school.  We also had a great day Friday celebrating our favorite book character.  The parade and party were a lot of fun!  This week in Reading we will be doing a nonfiction unit on bats and will be taking our Unit 2 test.  I am sending home a new Math Homework page.  Please help your child keep and eye out for this paper.  We will be doing this page instead of the saxon page some weeks.  Also, we all now have new AR goals and levels.  Please encourage your child to read books they can AR test on during the day.  They sould be bringing home library books they can read to test on! An average of one test a week is a great way to start! I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! Hello November!!!

Fall Fun

I hope everyone had a great Fall Break!  This Friday is our Fall Pay Day incentive.  Please ask your kiddos about what they earned! Also, Friday is the Fall Fest and 5K walk/run.  Come on out and join the fun! Next Monday is the Chilli Supper and Book Fair.  If you still need tickets they are on sale! Please send in items for the "BE A CHEF" 2nd grade raffle basket if you have anything extra.  Fall Parties will be on October 30th.  The children may also dress as their favorite book character for the day! We will be taking the Star Reading test again to get new AR goals and levels.  Please encourage your kiddos to do their very best!

Johnny Appleseed

We had a lot of fun Friday afternoon watching a short video about Johnny Appleseed, eating an apple, and working on an apple math page with our friends from Mrs. Lengacher's room! A special thanks to Lynn Knepp for volunteering to come in and help out! I will be having surgery Tuesday, Septmember 29th and will be gone until after Fall Break.  Mrs. Karen Slaven, a veteran 2nd grade teacher, will be here for me while I'm gone.  You may still email me with any major questions because I will be checking it as much as possible.  However, if it is a dismissal change or something that needs immediate attention please call in to the room.  Thanks and have a great week!

Great Week!

We had another great week in 2nd grade! You will be seeing the Unit 1 Tests soon.  Please go over with your child what they missed.  We are doing that in the room as well.  Always encourage slowing down, looking back in the text, and doing our best.  If anyone has any questions about the test or grades please let me know! We will be talking about Johnny Appleseed on Friday and will celebrate our September birthdays.  If you want to send anything in let me know!

Review Week!

This week is a review week in reading! We will not have a new story in the reader and will not have a spelling list.  If you want your child to bring thier reader home they may do so but I will not be telling them to put them in their backpacks.  Keep encouraging them to read and AR test.  They should be halfway to their goal by the end of the week.  They can test at school on books they've read at home.    Keep working on addition facts.  Brody has passed his addition and is now working on subtraction! Way to go!!